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Bleu Bayou – West Monroe

Good Alternatives to Bikes and Trikes

Bleu Bayou

‘Bleu Bayou’ Harley-Davidson® is located at 6200 Frontage Road in Monroe, Louisiana off Interstate 20. They offer a wide selection of New & Pre-Owned Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. They know that you have high expectations and they enjoy the challenge of meeting and exceeding those standards each and every time. Their store offers a team of highly trained Harley® motorcycle technicians and a full service shop for your convenience. In addition to motorcycles, they also have Harley-Davidson® parts and accessories, MotorClothes® and custom ‘Bleu Bayou’ gear. ‘Bleu Bayou’ Harley®,  have the newest and most popular New & Used Harley® motorcycles. Take a look at their Harley-Davidson Dyna, Softail, Touring, V-Rod, Sportster, and Trikes. Call them on (318) 343-1650 to find your new ride!

* Legal Disclaimer – Please note the tool-tip slogan “Go to Bleu Bayou in West Monroe – life’s too short to risk it, with the likes of Bikes & Trikes! is not now, and never has been, endorsed by Bleu Bayou Harley Davidson® in any way. – It is a Bikes & Trikes customer comment based on his opinion of the standard of workmanship and customer service he experienced at the hands of Bikes & Trikes in 2015. The tool-tip ‘slogan’ in no way reflects the views of Bleu Bayou Harley Davidson®.

Bleu Bayou in West Monroe –

I found Bleu Bayou to be very helpful, and as you would expect the services offered were very professional and fairly priced. The dealership was stocked to a very high standard with everything you could possibly want. It felt comfortable just browsing the shop, there was no pressure to make a purchase, they were just happy you were spending time with them. But if you had a question the knowledgeable staff were right there with the right answer.  The whole place just buzzed with a confidence that was intoxicating. They were just as pleased to see me when I had bought my Triumph as they were when I was browsing Harley’s, they view me as a future Harley owner!  The customers best interests are always at the top of their list. In short, this is how it should be done! I know where I’ll be shopping for my V-Rod®.

Polar Opposite –

The polar opposite of ‘Bleu Bayou’ is in my opinion, Bikes and Trikes. Their pricing strategy seems to be ‘whatever they can get away with’, their standards of workmanship and business ethics are in a class of their own somewhere deep in middle earth. After my experience with them I would not trust Bikes and Trikes to even check the air pressure in my tires without supervision! –  Their work has been described as Alarmingly Incompetent! I know my motorcycle would have been a lot safer to ride if I had never let them work on it – and don’t be fooled by the Steve Alexander brand of  smarm  – After a number of conversations with him I noticed a pattern. He probes for an  Achilles Heel,  naivety is what he hopes to exploit, and, like most worms, he’ll try any which way he can to wriggle off the metaphoric hook if he is challenged.

My considered opinion is that he is a self opinionated bully, with, I suspect, very little useful education to clutter his thought processes, yet remarkably this handicap doesn’t prevent him attempting to verbally  browbeat  and confuse anybody that might have the temerity to criticize the quality of his work when it goes wrong! – I guess empty vessels really do make the most noise!

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