A Do-Rag to be seen in.

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We have just taken delivery of the first batch of Do-Rags. The design has altered slightly to be more eye catching, it gets the message across at the first glance.

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The Do-Rag headgear is finally here. We have just taken delivery of the first batch so we are concentrating on fulfilling back orders . The design has altered slightly to be more eye catching, it gets the message across at the first glance. The material is waterproof, rotproof, windproof, stable up to at least 95mph on a good day and well over 120mph if you are prepared to stitch Velcro pads to your scalp, but probably more importantly it will also protect you against the crap shower that looms over Bikes and Trikes if you happen to be riding past. But beware, it won’t detect the crap shower – for that you will need the ‘Bullshit Detector‘ – also available in our e-shop.

The prices are:   (correct at the time of publishing, but then having been shafted by Bikes & Trikes already you’ll expect the final price might be a lot higher!)

Please allow 14 days for delivery, (which may turn into 28, 36 or even a longer than that, again you’ll be used to waiting longer than the time you were told!)

Disclaimer: … and of course whilst we will always tell you that we will stand behind our products and services, if this Do-Rag does happen to fall apart, or shrink so fast it fractures your skull at the first sign of rain, please don’t waste your time complaining – because, we model our customer complaints procedures on how the Bikes and Trikes system seems to work. It’s the ~ ‘We already got your money and you ain’t never getting that back, so now we’ll just ignore you until you go away’ ~ approach!

* Please Note: These Do-Rags are not suitable for anybody that has a massively fat head – it’s even more unsuitable if the head is both massively fat and football shaped!

* Also dummy mannequin head is not included, you’ll realize you must already have one of these if you ever get shafted by Bikes and Trikes! – and yes that would be me!

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2 reviews for A Do-Rag to be seen in.

  1. Stewie

    Damm this fat, football shaped head of mine – this is just another garment at the cutting edge of fashion that will have to be excluded from my closet!

  2. Cletus

    I had to return the first one they sent me because it was so tight it gave me a headache. They sent me another by return and it fitted a treat. On reflection I do wonder if it was maybe me tying the tags too tight! – you might want to watch out for that!

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