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Bikes and Trikes – West Monroe

Bikes & Trikes of West Monroe

Bikes and Trikes

This review of Bikes and Trikes is intended to give readers an insight into my personal experience when dealing with Bikes & Trikes LLC, located at 1800 Cypress Street, West Monroe, LA 71291 over the course of 2015.

As a customer of Bikes and Trikes a couple of times during 2015, I hope my experiences will serve as a warning or  heads up  to any potential customers in the future.

I aim to write objectively and without malice wherever possible, in order that potential customers will be able to make an informed and balanced decision on whether to ever allow Bikes & Trikes to work on their motorcycle. Maybe it will tip the balance and encourage visitors to use any one of the, in my opinion, far superior alternatives in the area.

Opinions and/or scores expressed during this process reflect my personal views, these views are based on my observations and experiences as a customer dealing with Steve Alexander, and members of his staff at Bikes and Trikes.

By implication any inferred assessment of his competence to offer the services advertised by his business uses the same criteria.

How do we rate Bikes & Trikes LLC of West Monroe, Louisiana


Direct quotes from their website: 'At Bikes and Trikes, our mission is to offer you the latest in parts and products at the best prices' 'We pledge to use our best efforts to make your experience both beneficial and enjoyable' 'unparalleled service' 'Once you give us a try, we’re sure you'll be back for more!'

  • Chances of Incompetent or Shoddy Workmanship (90%)
  • Possibility of Being Overcharged (70%)
  • Blaming Excessivey High Quotations and Shoddy Workmanship on Recently Dismissed Staff (100%)
  • Chances of any verbal guarantee or pledge being honoured (15%)
  • Importance of customer satisfaction (10%)
  • Understanding Customer Complaints (10%)
  • Employing Appropriately Qualified Staff (20%)
  • Dismissing Compelling evidence that would indicate Alarmingly Incompetent Workmanship (100%)
  • Ignoring the Potentially Fatal Consequenses of Sub-Standard Workmanship (100%)
  • Chances of me ever 'Being Back for More' (0%)
  • Chances of me ever recommending Bikes and Trikes of West Monroe, LA to anybody else (0%)
  • Chances of me ever 'Being Back for More' if Hell Freezes Over (0%)

The above scores are based on my experience as a customer. I awarded points based on my assessment of the standards of workmanship, available skill-sets and overall knowledge-base, as demonstrated by the owner and staff of Bikes and Trikes, West Monroe.

They worked on my motorcycle on 2 separate occasions in 2015.

Their derisory efforts at after sales service and contemptible attitude toward legitimate customer complaints is also represented in the scores.

A full report to corroborate my scoring will appear here after it has passed Legal Scrutiny.


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