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A distinctive Baseball Cap sporting a delightfully subtle design to accompany our T-Shirts. Wear them together to get the message across if the weather is cold enough for a jacket.

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Coordinated Baseball Caps

The most requested item in this range is the baseball cap. I’m pleased to tell you that these are now available. They are a 6 Panel Cap – Velcro Fitting, Available in Orange, Red, Blue, Black. They are printed with the same design as the T-Shirts and compliment each other perfectly. Get the message out there by wearing them when you need to wear a jacket that covers the T-shirt. Like the T-Shirts these caps will attract a lot of attention at biker events.

The prices are:   (correct at the time of publishing, but then having been shafted by Bikes & Trikes already you’ll expect the final price might be a lot higher!)

Please allow 14 days for delivery, (which may turn into 28, 36 or even a longer than that, again you’ll be used to waiting longer than the time you were told!)

Disclaimer: … and of course whilst we will always tell you that we will stand behind our products and services, if this baseball cap does happen to fall apart, or shrink to fit a prairie dog the first time you use it in the rain, please don’t waste your time complaining – because, we model our customer complaints procedures on how the Bikes and Trikes system seems to work. It’s the ~ ‘We already got your money and you ain’t never getting that back, so now we’ll just ignore you until you go away’ ~ approach!

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Black, Blue, Orange, Red


One Size Fits All


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