Trophy Booby Prize



A brilliant gift that will adorn and enhance any trophy cabinet – a classic replica of the trophy awarded  in absentia , to Bikes & Trikes in 2015 by a panel of experts


A Full Bodied Trophy

A trophy that will enhance any cabinet or showcase – it’s a classic replica of the trophy awarded  in absentia , to Bikes & Trikes in 2015 by a panel of self proclaimed experts. They made their decision after reviewing customer survey answers and comments about the service they received at the hands of Bikes & Trikes. We’ve heard comments that it’s a bit rude and tacky and some may even say vulgar. We have to tell you that the decision was unanimous, no other nominee for this full bodied trophy came even close to the negative score which allowed Bikes and Trikes to clinch this accolade with consummate ease.

The prices are:   (correct at the time of publishing, but then having been shafted by Bikes & Trikes already you’ll expect the final price might be a lot higher!)

Please allow 14 days for delivery, (which may turn into 28, 36 or even a longer than that, again you’ll be used to waiting longer than the time you were told!)

Disclaimer: … and of course whilst we will always tell you that we will stand behind our products and services, if this replica trophy does happen to fall apart or fail to please in any other way, please don’t waste your time complaining – because, we model our customer complaints procedures on how the Bikes and Trikes system seems to work. It’s the ~ ‘We already got your money and you ain’t never getting that back, so now we’ll just ignore you until you go away’ ~ approach!


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