• Do-Rag

    We have just taken delivery of the first batch of Do-Rags. The design has altered slightly to be more eye catching, it gets the message across at the first glance.

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  • Baseball Cap

    A distinctive Baseball Cap sporting a delightfully subtle design to accompany our T-Shirts. Wear them together to get the message across if the weather is cold enough for a jacket.

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  • Supplied with the extended upper limit this battery powered, hand held portable Bull Shit Detector is suitable for use in Bikes and Trikes. Carry it with you to give yourself a sporting chance when dealing with the Steve Alexanders of this world. If you meet him face to face you will need to switch the unit to the Smarmy Bullshit Setting. – That will protect the unit from overload!

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  • Helmet design by © acknowledged

    The design just screams Steve Alexander! – OK, Well actually the first thing it screamed at me was ‘Butt Head’ and then by thought association that mental image very quickly morphed into Steve Alexander with one on his head!

    These are not available yet but please pre-order and pay now, we will deliver as soon as we get them in stock – if we can be bothered!

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  • 'As long as the job is somewhere near we'll call it finished!

    It’s a case of mugs wanted for this delightful gift idea. It offers layers of amusing references. Have one of these hanging on your mug tree and you will always remember your visit to Bikes & Trikes – ‘As long as the job is somewhere near we’ll call it finished!

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  • Assume the position and Hold on to your Hat!

    Available in sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL and more ‘plus’ sizes right up to: a medium in a parachute!

    Available in most colors.

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  • Full Bodied Trophy

    A brilliant gift that will adorn and enhance any trophy cabinet – a classic replica of the trophy awarded  in absentia , to Bikes & Trikes in 2015 by a panel of experts

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