Fit is important

Fit is important

Fit: it is very important that any safety headgear fits properly if it is to give you the best protection if you fall off or are involved in an accident.  Here’s how to choose a helmet that fits properly:

Step 1: Measure your head size

Step 2: Ascertain the right helmet size

Step 3: Check that the helmet fits properly


Measure your head size by placing a flexible measuring tape around your head approximately one finger’s width (2 cm) above the eyebrows.  This will give you the greatest circumference of your head.  The measured value represents your head size in centimeters.

Fit it properly


Refer your head measurement to the sizes in the ‘Size’ drop-down menu in the e-shop to make sure you receive a properly sized helmet.


With the helmet on and the chinstrap fastened and properly adjusted, check whether the helmet is the right size for you and fits properly.

Step 1: Check that all pads of the interior lining press firmly against your head without being uncomfortable:

  •  Top center pads
  •  Cheek pads
  •  Headband padding (especially in forehead area).

If the pressure is uncomfortable or possibly even painful, try the next size up.

Step 2: Check that the helmet gives you an adequate peripheral field of vision.  Lateral limitation of vision is normal with any helmet due to its design but it should not feel distracting or unduly restrict your vision.

Step 3: Hold both sides of the helmet firmly with your hands and move the helmet up and down.  Try also to rotate the helmet.  You should be able to feel the helmet moving your head and the surface of your face.  If it is too easy to move the helmet, it is too large!  Try a smaller size.


Fit it properly

Step 4: With the helmet on, take hold of the chin section of the helmet and try removing the helmet from your head in a backwards direction.  If you can do that, the helmet is too large or the chinstrap adjusted too loosely.  For your own safety, use a smaller size or re-adjust the chinstrap as necessary.


Fit it properly

Step 5: With the helmet on, hold the back of the helmet with both hands and try tipping the helmet forwards over your head.  If you can remove the helmet this way, either the chinstrap is adjusted too loosely or the helmet is too large.  Re-adjust the chinstrap or choose a smaller helmet.


Fit it properly

Repeat these steps until you have found the right helmet size that fits properly.

Caution:  Never ride with a helmet that doesn’t fit properly!

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